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Mission & Values

CADA’s mission is to provide safety and support to victims of domestic and sexual violence through education advocacy and shelter.


We recognize that relationship abuse and sexual violence intersect with all other forms of oppression and we must work to address all forms of power and control.


We believe that inclusive and safe communities are essential for the safety and well-being of all people. We strive to create safe and healthy communities through collaboration and connection.


We believe that survivors are the experts in their own lives. We partner with and center the experiences of survivors to address relationship abuse and sexual violence.


We honor our responsibility as caretakers for the trust built in our relationship with those we serve. We believe this includes being caretakers of our resources, our community, and land.


We uphold the humanity of all by recognizing everyone’s complex identity and experiences as a whole person.


CADA was established as a grassroots collaborative that grew out of the efforts of several local women active in the battered women's movement. In 1979, CADA's founders signed the articles of incorporation with the goal of providing safety to victims of domestic violence in the Mankato area. In 1981, thanks to the support and funding from our community, the doors to the first CADA shelter opened.

Throughout the 1990s, as the area grew along with the need for services, CADA expanded throughout the region. In 1997, CADA built a new shelter, allowing us to serve even more victims and survivors in the community.

Today, CADA provides services throughout a nine-county region in south-central Minnesota. We have seven advocacy office locations, one supervised parenting time and exchange center, and one emergency safety shelter that can house up to 22 women and children at a time.

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