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Keep Me Safe

Keep Me Safe provides a safe and nurturing place for children to visit their non-custodial parents. We strive to provide a positive, healthy, and nurturing environment where children and their caregivers can be assured that supervised parenting time and exchanges will be conflict-free.

We provide a neutral and safe space that allows individuals to explore family relationships rooted in respect and non-violence. We do this through:

Treating each family member with respect and without judgment

Identifying safety concerns and creating a plan to reduce them

Providing age-appropriate activities for families to engage in

Working with other providers to meet the needs of the family

Safe and secure locations

Staff trained in addressing the specific needs of your family

cada's supervised parenting time
and exchange centers

getting started with keep me safe

for caregivers

If you are the caregiver of a visiting child and would like to start visits, you will need to fill out the self-referral form and email it to the Program Manager at: Once we receive your referral form, we will contact you to discuss orientation and scheduling visits.



for service providers

 If you are a service provider and would like to refer a family, please fill out the agency referral form and email it to the Program Manager at: Once we receive your referral form, we will contact you and the caregivers to discuss orientation and scheduling visits.


Upon receiving your referral form, the Program Manager will contact you as soon as they are able to discuss next steps and possibly schedule an orientation. Both the custodial caregiver and visiting caregiver must submit a referral form before orientation can begin. 

Orientation involves a review of the Keep Me Safe policies and procedures, a tour of the space, signing necessary paperwork, and a verbal questionnaire regarding family circumstances. At orientation, we will discuss the scheduling process for visits and/or exchanges. Orientation is an opportunity to talk with our Keep Me Safe team about any questions or concerns you may have before starting visits.

Please bring a photo ID, a copy of your court orders or relevant legal documents, and any other information that you would like staff to have. Please do not bring guests to orientation unless specifically discussed with and approved by the Program Manager before the orientation.


Once both parties have completed orientation, the Program Manager will determine if visits can be scheduled. All visits and exchanges must be scheduled through the Keep Me Safe office with advanced notice. Keep Me Safe staff makes all decisions regarding dates and times of visits and exchanges and many factors are involved in making these determinations. Keep Me Safe will work with all parties to develop a standardized visit or exchange schedule. Once we have finalized the family's schedule it is sent via email to all parties. 


The intake and scheduling process typically takes several weeks depending on the number of referrals, availability, and communication from all parties. Staff does their best to ensure the process moves as quickly as possible, but please prepare for a delay between submitting a referral form and getting visits started.

cost of services

Fees are determined on a case-by-case basis and will be discussed at the time of orientation.

Keep Me Safe Locations

The Program Manager can be reached at:
507-625-8688 ext. 115

Keep Me Safe Locatons
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