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What about teenagers?

Teen dating violence is a growing problem in the US; nearly one third of teen relationships are characterized as unhealthy of violent.

It is not always easy to tell if a relationship is unhealthy or abusive, especially if you are the person in the relationship. However, there are some warning signs that teens can watch out for in their relationships.

In an unhealthy relationship a partner might:

Check your cell phone or social media accounts without your permission or demand your passwords

Get upset when you want to spend time with friends or make new friends

Want you to spend less time, or no time, with your family

Accuse you of flirting or cheating

Control aspects of your life that you want to be in control of (how you dress, what you eat, how you spend your money)

Call you names or say things to you to make you feel bad about yourself

Pressure you to have sex when you do not want to

Pressure you to have sex in ways that you do not want to

Physically hurt you or threaten to hurt you

Explode in fits of anger and then apologize for the behavior, but then repeat the behavior again and again

There are other signs that a relationship might be unhealthy. If you feel that there is something unhealthy or wrong with the relationship, trust yourself. It is normal for people in unhealthy relationships to feel very unsure about what they want to do. Talking with an advocate is a good first step in figuring out how you feel and what your options might be. CADA's services are free and confidential to all victims and survivors.

Check out the following resources for a lot more information about intimate partner violence and how you can either give or get help with relationships.

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