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Prevent Violence

The Rosemary Project is a community education campaign of Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA). The campaign is about simple, everyday steps individuals can take toward preventing sexual violence in their community. If individuals take small steps and we work together, we can create communities where everyone feels safe and has the opportunity to grow and thrive!

You can take the Rosemary Pledge and commit to take small steps toward the prevention of sexual violence. 


Join the Rosemary Workspace Initiative

Partner with CADA and other local businesses to prevent violence in your workplace and community! 


Sexual harassment and violence are too prevalent in workplaces and our community. 81% of women and 34% of men have reported being sexually harassed at some point in their lives. However, reporting harassment to a supervisor is among the least common responses.

Sexual harassment not only harms individuals, but it hurts companies as well. As a result of sexual harassment, companies can experience increased employee turnover, increased sick leave, and decreased worker productivity.


Change has to start with leadership’s commitment to change and accountability. Workplace culture is the single greatest contributor to allowing harassment to flourish or to preventing it.

CADA invites local businesses to partner with us to bring anti-violence training and support to your organization. Partnerships with businesses are unique and ongoing. Anti-violence experts at CADA will work with your company to get to know your culture and understand employee experiences.

We can offer leadership and policy consultation, a climate survey to understand the organization and employee experiences, training for staff, and more. Trainings and conversations will be geared toward understanding harassing behavior; how to report or intervene; and the skills, attitudes, and behaviors that promote healthy and productive work environments.

Preventing sexual harassment and violence is possible and we each have an important role to play. Together, we can create communities and workspaces where everyone can succeed, thrive, and grow.

To learn more about the Rosemary Workspace Initiative, please contact CADA's Education Program Manager. 

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