Planned Giving

One of our most important giving options is planned giving. Planned giving is the act of making a commitment to give a charitable organization a major gift, over time or at death, as part of the donor’s overall financial and estate planning. Planned gifts are used to sustain CADA's programs and activities, add capacity, establish endowments, and launch major new initiatives. There is no better way to leave a legacy to help change the world than a planned gift.

Donor Advised Funds

Do you have a donor advised fund? You can help CADA provide life-changing and life-saving services by making a grant from your DAF!

Monthly or Annual Giving

Another way to give is through a monthly or annual giving program. A monthly or annual gift allows you to spread the distribution of your financial support across the entire year, making the fiscal impact and your commitment to CADA more manageable. Preauthorized monthly and annual giving programs make donating automatic; with one simple form you can be done. Monthly and annual giving allows you to make a bigger charitable impact for a cause that you care for deeply.


Please contact our Development Manager, Kristen Walters, to discuss planned, monthly, and annual giving options that work best for you. Kristen can be reached at: 507-625-8688 ext. 124 or

We also accept the gift of time! If you're looking to get involved, please find our volunteer opportunities here.