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Safe Bar Initiative

The SBI is a prevention effort to help reduce sexual harassment & violence in local bars.
This collaborative effort focuses on bystander intervention.


Want to get involved?

Do you want to be part of the solution? YOU CAN. By going through the See Something, Say Something (S4 Bystander Program), you can take action in primary prevention in your community. This is the first of its kind program in the state of Minnesota with special focus in reducing sexual harassment and violence in bars. 


The S4 Bystander Program is a five hour course, split up in two sessions that uses up to date statistics, media examples, and interactive activities to deconstruct issues surrounding harmful gender stereotypes, rape culture, victim blaming, and consent/coercion education. Once those issues have been deconstructed, we tie them into why it is relevant to bystander intervention. We also discuss the psychology behind why people do not intervene (“bystander effect”), how to recognize sexual aggression, bystander skills/personalities/practice, and encouraging reporting and response.


We use a unique combination of humor, media examples, and safe discussion to learn how to prevent violence in the Mankato community. Upon completion, you will receive a wallet card. This program is considered volunteer hours and is able to be recognized and added to your resume, as well as enhance the knowledge in our community of safety. You must take both sessions to receive your certification card!

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