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Southern Minnesota Offender Education Program

Southern Minnesota Offender Education Program


The Southern Minnesota Offender Education Program was created to hold offenders accountable and increase the safety of victims of domestic violence throughout the region. It is a program of the Committee Against Domestic Abuse, Inc. (CADA).

The primary goal of SMOEP is to enhance the safety of victims of domestic violence by working directly with batterers themselves in order to facilitate a process of change.

The program is led by facilitators trained in the Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs (DAIP)’s Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter (CPC) curriculum.

The Program

SMOEP takes blame off of the victims and places accountability for abuse on the offender. The program is a 27 week course with open enrollment. It is an intensive program that works with participants to create change on a deep level within them.

The curriculum relies on the idea that people are socialized into a hierarchical way of interacting with each other. In the case of an abusive relationship, men use battering to maintain power and control, and stay at the top of the relationship’s hierarchy.

The Process

Throughout the 27 weeks of the program, batterers are engaged in a process of change that aims at helping them to transform their core beliefs which lead them to batter.

Participants learn to differentiate between relationships based on power and control and those based on equality. The process of changing beliefs results in a change of behaviors as well.

Program Fees

The fee for participation in the program is $700. This covers a two-hour orientation class ($25) and $25 for each of the 27 educational classes. Participants who pay everything prior to the first class are eligible for a discounted fee of $580.


SMOEP classes are held weekly at an offsite location in downtown Mankato. For more information, please contact 507-995-6120 or


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