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Keep Me Safe Parenting Time Center

At the Keep Me Safe Parenting Time Center, we strive to provide a positive, healthy, and nurturing environment where children and their parents can be assured that the parenting time and supervised exchange will be conflict-free.

We have Keep Me Safe offices in Mankato, St. Peter, and New Ulm.

Mankato: (507) 625-8688 ext. 115

St. Peter: (507) 934-8041 

New Ulm: (507) 354-2076 

Keep Me Safe is a program of CADA that provides a safe and nurturing place for children to visit their non-custodial parent without the fear of experiencing or witnessing violence.  It is also a place where children can get re-acquainted with their parent when there have been periods of separation.

This service will help eliminate the tendency of children being caught in the middle, and help to strengthen the relationships between children and each of their parents.

Benefits of Parenting Time to Children:

Sometimes a custodial parent may question the benefits of the children visiting a non-custodial parent.  This concern may come from past experiences and/or a history of lack of contact between the parent and the children.

Seeing the visiting parent:

  • Decreases the child's feelings of rejection
  • Helps decrease the child's fear of not seeing that parent again
  • Decreases the child's self blame
  • Allows the resolution of some issues the child may have with that parent
  • Helps to continue the parent/child relationship

Accessing Services:

There must be a current court order or documentation from the referring agency that parenting time or exchanges are to be supervised.  An orientation must be completed by both the custodial and non-custodial parent. During the orientation, the Keep Me Safe policies and procedures will be reviewed and the parent must sign the policy agreement.  Supervised parenting time, or exchanges, will be scheduled only after both parents have completed their orientations.  The average length of a visit is 90 minutes.

Keep Me Safe Parenting Time Center operates seven days a week,
with the exception of holidays.

Supervised exchanges are offered Friday and Sunday evenings.

Parenting Time Service Fee:

There is a set orientation fee and parenting time fees are based on a sliding fee scale. Payments must be received before scheduled visits can take place.

Exchange Service Fee:

There are set orientation and exchange fees. Fees are to be paid by both parents and payment must be received before scheduled exchanges can take place.

Both parents are responsible for contacting the
Keep Me Safe Parenting Time Center to schedule their orientations.

If you have any questions or need to set up your orientation, please call 507-625-8688 ext. 115 for the Mankato office.If you need services or orientation in Nicollet or Brown County, we now have offices in St. Peter and New Ulm. 




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